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We appreciate our clients taking the time to give us feedback on our services. We always like to know how well we are meeting our clients goals and expectations and whether we live up to the high standards we set ourselves.

Please find below a list of current testimonials we have received. If you have used our services and would like to leave us a testimonial, please do contact us.

Business Services UK have provided invaluable support for our UK and Irish ventures. They are very knowledgeable and hard working.
- Fionn Dolan , Bright Promotions

“Pete is an exceptional Internet and SEO specialist, who is always on top of all latest trends on this rapid-changing market. Business Services UK are always client-oriented who provide great care of every client's business needs, exceeding client expectations.”
- Tim Rogovets, Grandiz

I would strongly recommend the services of Business Services UK to any online venture searching for improvement. Since hiring this company we have seen a dramatic improvement with the visibility of our corporate websites. I could not be more delighted.
- Wayne Connors, ACCL

“I have known Pete for many years. He is a straight to the point no fluff business professional with integrity dyed in the wool. When he gets a project or problem to solve he works extremely hard at delivering results, his relentless drive to be the best at what he does is his strongest asset. Pete has very extensive domain knowledge around SEO and the web in general and has provided me with an excellent sounding board during a recent expansion of my business plans, highly recommended.”
- Ashley Cooper, Talent Broker

“I have known of Pete, and of his work, for many years now. I also personally know some of his clients. What Pete does is easy to explain. He creates sales on your website. Of course, there is some technical stuff behind that - he does SEO, but the key to understanding his business is that he creates sales. For you. With actual money. From your website. Simple. But very hard to replicate, and although many claim to do this, few actually do. Pete does.”
- Paul Norman , Orangetree Development

For the past 2 years I've being using the consultation sessions from Business Services UK. I did this to gain a better understanding of search engine optimisation. Pete is a legend in this area, his depth of knowledge is unbelievable. My knowledge and confidence has risen as a result of these 1 to 1 sessions, all I can say is thank you.
- Steve Heart, Phoenix Delivery

The AWD project was a support other activities undertaken by Skills Provision within the employment field. The objective was to was to highlight principally to employers a change of legislation that became operative one year from conception as it was thought that it would be a key decision making area of employer awareness. The support provided by Business Services UK has been exceptional
- Helen, AWD

Earlier this year I decided to make a career change and started to play the internet marketing game. I followed a long line of entrepreneurs before me and got involved with multi-level marketing. I started a few blogs, paid the likes of google and yahoo for advertising and basically advertised my business anywhere that I could think of. The process was excruciatingly slow and not particularly fruitful. I have known Pete for many years and so I thought that I would avail myself of his services. As always, he was brutally honest and yet extremely constructive. He took an active part in many aspects of my web space and despite his busy workload has always answered my queries promptly. I am now in the process of launching the business and before I have opened the doors, Pete has got me on the top of the second page of google. If that is not the best start a business can have, then I don’t know what is!
- Dave Sparrow, Copywriting Company

This is an honest opinion of Business Services UK and Peter Arkwright who I have worked with for about six months now. He is someone that you want on your side, tenacity and discipline is the order of the day! Internet marketing is something that isn't easily quantified, which is why there are so many sharks out there 'practicing it! I have been through quite a few ridiculously awful SEO companies... ones that charged me £500 for a site review and then never did anything else positive to 'fixing' the on site problems. Another big digital agency charged me £600 per month and after four or five months I discovered that they were only allocating a junior to work on my site for half a day a month. Half a day a month is not enough unless they are producing work reports that need to be finished/ completed by the client. Also, they wanted to make me feel grateful for letting them look at my small time website, because they really only wanted to work with main brands that have massive budgets. Business Services work in a different way to all the other SEO companies I've been with; they will not let your site down, as they look on it as an extension of their own business and will do everything they can to help it achieve the best it can. It may take time for google to pick up on the work that BSUK and you are putting into the site, but you must be have patience and a hard work ethic and in time you will achieve a great position in the results for the keywords you aim for.
- John Cunningham, Office Saver

The level of support we’ve received from BSUK has been fantastic, whilst other optimisation providers filled me with false promises and under delivered. The team at BSUK have certainly improved our websites visibility which has improved profits levels. I am so confident in their ability to deliver they are currently designing a new website.
- Anthony Godfrey , Sweet Ideas

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