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I now realise that having a bad experience with companies which purport to handle SEO is not unusual. For any SME, where budget is important, this area is a minefield. I was recommended to contact Business Service UK by one of it's clients and then followed up a number of testimonials to see if they really were able to get results. The company is customer focused and understands its clients' business needs. And Peter has actually made be understand how I can use SEO as a valuable business tool and drive business to my site.

— Lesley Daley, Basecamp

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Marketing Company Wetherby

Wetherby based, Business Services UK provides top quality Internet marketing assistance to the corporate sector, through the provision of:

  • Professional website design and development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media management
  • Copywriting

  • Owning a successful website is not based around any �single� element. To generate long term sustainability we need to be strong in many areas. This is where our company come into their own.

    The Secret of Success

    The secret of success stems from the ability to understand and implement the crucial elements:

    • What do the target audience expect to see
    • How to generate a strong presence for all related keywords
    • The importance of social media
    • Validation
    • Truly showcasing a product or service
    • Innovation
    • Traffic generation
    • Competitor analysis
    • Understanding data

    Aims and logic play a crucial role in the development of a strong corporate website. Analysing each page individually we ask the question. �What is the actual aim of this page�, we then look at how solitary or multiple aims are being achieved. By improving each page of a website so they perform at an optimum level, we move closer to the goal of being successful. Logic is covered by providing a clear path and communicating in the right manner.

    Our company generates success through the implementation of sound fundaments, working alongside companies in the joint quest of improving profitability. Our Internet marketing services to Wetherby, Harrogate, Boston Spa and the surrounding areas are second to none.


    Our organisation is constantly called upon to provide copywriting services. Success is achieved through the development of search engine friendly webpages that produce a bond with the reader. Each page is assigned a specific keyword and then produced in a natural manner. Low bounce rates and conversion are an indication this service is performing well.

    Design and Development

    The all-round strength of our design and development team is extraordinary. Whatever the task, they are on-hand to provide the perfect solution. Our team even assist when technical issues arise on servers, email accounts or local machines. The strong reputation of our design and development team is only maintained through the provision of a first class service.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    The common problem surrounding search engine optimisation stems from the subject of �over engineering�. To be truly effective it requires webpages to be naturally produced, where optimisation elements are almost unseen. The days of keyword cramming and excessive link building are well behind us. At Business Services UK we develop websites so they have the ability to target all related keywords, this has been achieved through our ability to innovate.

    Social Media

    Social media now plays a crucial role in the development of a strong online business. With a growing synergy between social channels and search engines, it�s important to structure these elements correctly. The most important aspects of a successful social media campaign surround the subjects of, interaction, channel growth and referral traffic. Business Services UK are familiar with the following channels, You Tube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Googe+.

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